Privacy Policy

Dainihonkasei Co., Ltd. (below, "the Company") recognizes the importance of personal information (names, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, and other characteristic information), and will thoroughly protect this information and handle it properly based on the below guidelines.
By using Dainihonkasei Company Website (below, "the Website"), users are assumed to comply with this Privacy Policy.

Regarding collection of personal information

Upon use of the Website, personal information will be collected for surveys and to continue to provide better service.
The scope of collected personal information is the bare minimum required to carry out the purpose of collection; laws regarding personal information handling and internal Company standards will be strictly enforced upon the handling personal information.

Regarding protection and management of personal information

The Company will carry out appropriate management of, and work to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, unlawful access, and leakage of personal information.
Personal information collected from users will not be disclosed without the user's permission.
Personal information is also not available to other users who access the Website.

Regarding usage of personal information

User personal information will be used for the following:

  • To correctly communicate service and product information to the user
  • To identify users upon use of services
  • To improve the Website for customer satisfaction reasons
  • To develop new services
  • To contact users as necessary

Improvements to this Privacy Policy

Improvements will be made to this Privacy Policy as they are deemed necessary.